Two Special Replica Watches UK With Integrated Cases And Bracelets

Now many people are interested in perfect fake watches with integrated design. For example, the cases, bracelets and lugs of Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet are integrated, which look distinctive and eye-catching. Today I will introduce two unique models with such a special design.

Bell & Ross Instruments BR05A-GR-ST

The gray dial adorned with sunray pattern looks noble and eye-catching.
Gray Dial Replica Bell & Ross

The popular BR05 collection was launched last year. The iconic design of rectangle case and round dial has been redesigned. With the integrated lug, case and bracelet, the steel case copy Bell & Ross looks more elegant. Adorned with the sunray pattern, the gray dial looks understated and noble.

Hublot Classic Fusion 510.NX.7170.NX

The blue dial Classic Fusion looks special and understated.
45 MM Hublot Classic Fusion Copy Watches

The blue dial imitation Hublot is with brilliant appearance and high performance. Amounted with titanium case, the Hublot is light. Adorned with sunray pattern, the blue dial looks very exquisite, presenting unique gradient visual effect under different lights.

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